Sunday, July 12, 2009


British National Party leader had this to say about immigrants and people of ethnic background in his country:

"Britain is full, overcrowded and clearly terribly terribly unstable as a result of this multicultural experiment."

And what about those immigrants that want to come to the UK?

"What needs to be done as an example is to sink a couple of boats near the shores of Libya - throw them lifebelts so they can paddle back, so they understand they will never get to Europe."

Elsewhere on the beloved European continent . . .

The Greek police has demolished a camp used by immigrants and according to the story, the camp had become some sort of an "eyesore".

"The camp had been a source of tension with many Greeks who regarded it as a major eyesore for themselves and for tourists arriving from Italy."


All this sort of makes the treatments of Arabs and Muslims in America post 9-11 seem like a stroll in the park.


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  1. Disgusting but I know this is going to sound bad coming from me especially that I am one of those 'expats', but you have to visit London (not England or rest of Britain) and see for yourself. I think that this 'multicultural experiment' is what makes London so beautiful in my opinion and why I love this city above all places and why I've always felt I could fit in. I, too, in my 4 years never experienced any sort of discrimination whether directly or indirectly. Idiots are always out there but generally, the atmosphere is of acceptance.

    However, this multicultural experiment sometimes has its disadvantages and you have to visit London to see for yourself. For one, it allows for a potent mobilization of religious radicalism. You would be surprised. When I first moved to London I saw things I never saw in my home country in terms of that... It is really scary that this kind of radicalism is able to sprout, grow and prevail in a place like London. I don't know. I have my biases and one of them is religion, especially when it's on the extreme. I have an issue with the extreme left too, just to make myself clear.

    Anyways, BNP are all 'racist' extreme-right white supremacists. They don't represent anything great in Britain in terms of numbers. So they are definitely not a reflection of how Britain relates to immigrants. Britain's actually got slightly easier laws for immigration than the USofA...