Monday, February 2, 2009

Bobcorrn continued...

Hope you guys enjoyed the 2 other movies, and, as promised, here are the remaining 2:


WOW. My father put this on the TV (mom and I instead wanted to watch the Red Carpet for the SAG awards) and since I was cooking dinner in the kitchen I could only hear the program. It was reporting the current situation in Israel, focusing on the living conditions of the Palestinians there, and I was amazed by how fair (READ: "not slanted in favor of Israel" as all American media is) the reporting was. I couldn't see the TV, but I was sure it was BBC or some public program like Bill Moyers on PBS. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was CBS' "60 Minutes!"

What is going on? Really, CBS is finally doing some fair, unbiased reporting in regards to Israel? What gives? Maybe the recent month-long genocide in Gaza did it, or maybe "change" really has come with this new president?

Either way, you NEED to watch this documentary "Is time running out for a 2-State Solution?":

(It's segmented into several short videos)

Again, WOW.


Also watch "OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" about how, pretty much, Rupert Murdoch is the devil and has a monopoly over media in the US and thus a very large amount of the "news" (READ: "far-right conservative propoganda") that Americans receive, and how this determines things such as, i dunno, say, who runs the most powerful country in the free world--kinda important.

Think corruption is only limited to Lebanon and the third world? Think again

The documentary focuses on FOX "News" with real producers and reporters, etc that worked for the station coming out and speaking about how much of a biased, corrupt enterprise FOX is (I particularly love the part about the reporter that was suspended for not making Reagan's birthday seem like Sky Bar on Saturday night)




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