Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baba Saab & Mama Acra

Paris Fashion week is going on! (And wouldn't you know it, right before I head off to Paris myself!)

I called Elie Saab and asked him to postpone his fashion show for a few days until I get there, but he apologized, something about finding another venue in time....

Anyway, even though I couldn't go, doesn't mean no one did. (Shocking, I know) Kanye West, actress Mischa Barton and glamour girl Dita von Teese were all there representin' for me:

To see a slideshow of his dresses from the runway show, go here:

Also, just to keep you updated on who's been recently wearing my 2 favorite designers:

Actress January Jones from Mad Men in Elie Saab

Actress Gabrielle Union in Reem Acra

Mischa Barton in Elie Saab at the Elie Saab fashion show in Paris

Angelina Jolie in Reem Acra

Maybe Reem and Elie will see this and take pity on me and send me a dress? Or how bout you two just adopt me? Please?!

Reem, Elie--i love you!



  1. I am loving Acra's dresses more than Saab's. Quite eccentric - just my thing.

    And Angelina in Reem Acra without a doubt makes up for that dull dress she had on at the Screen Actors Guild Award.

    I really want Angelina's dress...

  2. Elie Saab & Dita, Thursday night at an AIDS benefit hosted by Carla Bruni in Paris