Monday, September 14, 2009

Jumblatt versus Peres

Israel's president Shimon Peres fainted the other day and was soon after released from the hospital after having been checked out by doctors.

Jumblatt had this to say about the incident:

حتى إبليس بالأمس رفض إستقبال شمعون بيريس بعدما إستدعاه للحظات في غيبوبة لو أتاح القدر أن تكون نهائية لكان العالم تخلص من تلك الاكذوبة التاريخية التي مثلها ذلك الرجل على مر عقود من الصراع العربي- الاسرائيلي، وهو الذي لعب أدورا عديدة خلال كل محاور هذا الصراع. ونتمنى على إبليس في المرة المقبلة ألا يخطئ في حساباته ويدعوه اليه لمرة واحدة وأخيرة، عله بذلك يفيد البشرية في مكان ما

A quick and rough translation: even Satan has refused to welcome Peres after fainting and if fate had willed it to be final, the world would have gotten rid of this historic lie that this guy has embodied for decades during the Arab-Israeli conflict . . . and we hope (or rather wish) that the next time around, for Satan to calculate correctly and invite Peres to him one final time, maybe this way, he (Satan that is) would benefit humanity in some way.

Whether you like Jumblatt or not, you have to agree that he is sometimes very theatrical and amusing!



  1. Hahaha this is really funny!!
    where have u guys been btw?!

  2. I'm glad you think this is funny. Next time when Lebanese die I will think it funny also if I can become barbaric as you.

    Don't complain about the results of the next war. You just created one more Israeli that could not care less if all of Lebanon was bombed to smithereens.