Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good Old Qaddafi #2

The only good thing about having a lunatic dictator for a ruler of a rogue country, is the inordinate amount of blogging material provided.

So, for your (and our) periodic dose of entertainment, we present to you Good Old Qaddafi at the UN. He made an extra effort to appear this year, for the first time ever, to celebrate 40 years in office!

I'm sure most of you have either heard or read about his antics at the UN this past week. My absolute favorite part is his rant about the Taliban and how that is, in his view, comparable to the Vatican, yes the Vatican, you read right. The thought goes on to venture into how Iraq should have a civil war, after all both the US and Spain had civil wars and turned out fine.

The best part about the whole presentation is the paper on which his notes are written. I mean, SERIOUSLY? Could he not have used decent paper at least, and not appeared to have torn these out of his grand child's school notebook? Here's CNN's Jeanne Moos's take on it.

In other Qaddafi related news, he was apparently looking for a place to stay at while in the US. As it turns out, New Jersey turned down his request to pitch a tent there. Here's Letterman's take on it.

In other sexually-deprived, America-hating, self-righteous, egomaniac dictator news, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela managed to have a little chat with a reporter from Fox News. Check out his response to a Holocaust/Ahmadinejad related question. I can't say I disagree with his assessment of Fox News though!

On the other hand, Ahmadinejad's speech was a disappointment. No antics or pompous rants and definitely no quotable moments for this blogger. What a shame.


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  1. Thanks for the round-up! I had missed out on all the reactions following the circus at the UN.