Thursday, October 22, 2009

Solde w Akbar!

Do you guys remember that show back in the day on MTV (Lebanese one) where Mireille Mazraani (at least I think that's what her name was) would be screaming solde w akbar all the time?

Well it seems that the Lebanese judiciary has gotten on board that ship.

Check out this news clip from LBC reporting on the judiciary seeking the death penalty for a bunch of arrested terrorists.

These are the guys that had been arrested for involvement in the Tripoli van bombing that killed a dozen or so Lebanese Army personnel.

This is what they have been accused of/what they have admitted to:

  • Tripoli bombing
  • Francois El Hajj assassination
  • Wissam Eid assassination
  • UNIFIL bombing in the south
  • Involvement in the assassination of Pierre Gemayel, or at least owning the weapon used
  • Possible involvement in the Damascus bombing
  • Planning the assassination of Ashraf Rifi
Does it seem a bit odd that these guys are pretty much responsible for almost every single little bombing/assassination that happened in the past couple years in Lebanon AND Syria?

Is the government putting the blame on a group/bunch of people to avoid blaming somebody else because of whatever political and security reasons?

Basically, is there a cover-up going on that someone should make a bigger fuss about?

And does it not seem odd that not a single politician in Lebanon has said anything about this? Or even praised the judiciary and the security services for their excellent investigative techniques (read as detainee abuse), which is pretty much what they do all the time in similar incidents?

This does not smell right to me!


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  1. I don't believe its the judiciary, it's more likely the military courts. There were some well founded criticism against these courts a couple of years back. Unfortunately, the criticism dried up when those who were making it were co-opted into the system.