Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BetLZ News 2.24.10

Arab Olympic skier: Lebanon's not just sand and desert
/ CNN (What a STUPID title---CNN, we are not at all desert and sand, unless you are refering to the sand on the beach--idiots)

Lebanon may follow anti-smoking trend / LA Times

Three Lebanese charged with spying for Israel / Reuters

Beirut has 31st most expensive office space worldwide in 2010: survey / Daily Star

Handmade soap: A family tradition in Tripoli /

**Just for Fun**

Launching Fi Beirut

Launching Fi Beirut from greyc on Vimeo.

About the game
“Fi” (arabic for “in”) is an urban game taking place in the different streets of a city. The intention was to have a game happening every month in a different city in Lebanon. Launched through an anonymous newspaper, fi is an urban alternate reality game that later requires your existence on the street. The game is a treasure hunt where 4 riddles must be solved and filled in the chart on the back of the newspaper, that will form the 5th and final riddle. fi introduces the player to different aspects of Lebanon and each time in a different city. For this first issue, the game is taking place in Beirut. The game indirectly displays the various aspects of Beirut by taking you to specific locations uncovering highly politicized areas, rich areas, developing areas , and nightlife areas.

Lebanese Having Fun on the Snow in Ehden


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mashrou3 Leila's new Music Video out!

Check out Mashrou3 Leila's music video for "Raksit Leila" (we previously spoke about them here)

It's a good start guys!! A bit too long time spent on that kitchen scene and not enough of the spontaneity around Beirut scenes, but hey, its the first of hopefully many videos!

Do you think we'll be seeing this on LBC or Melody?? I hope so, god knows it's all the same Plastic Surgery starlets all the time and we could use this breath of fresh air on TV!

Can't wait to see what happens next...I definitely want to see a music video for "Shem el Yasmine", my personal favorite song! (For some reason the song reminds me of the old Ashrafieh..)

To listen to Mashrou3 Leila's songs, click here


Al Bustan Festival 2010

The 17th annual Al Bustan Festival is on in Lebanon! It's going from the 17th of February to the 21st of March! The theme this year is Italy..

17th Al Bustan Festival Spot:

Festival Program 2010

17 February - 21 March 2010

The festival theme is Italy:




Festival Program:


BetLZ News 2.22.10

Here's all the news we missed from the weekend!! Enjoy!


MP says 'green card' can solve women's nationality dilemma / Daily Star

FOUR masked gunmen held up a Beirut bank today before fleeing with more than $200,000 from a safe, police and media reports said / Herald Sun

Vatican: Lebanon: Pope to Hariri: Lebanon, a model of coexistence and "message" for the entire Middle East / Spero News

Lebanese Man Urges Authorities to Find his Son's Killers in Paris / An Nahar

Lebanese press freedom takes hits: IPI report / Ya Libnan

Lebanon's outnumbered Maronites pull stops on voting age / AFP

Lebanon Tobacco Free | لبنان خالٍ من التبغ


Beirut hotel-occupancy rate at 73 percent - Ernst & Young / Daily Star

Most tourist spending in Lebanon originated from Saudi Arabia in 2009 /

Kuwaiti fund extends $5.6m for Lebanon Project


Mika: Just because I was late to record Helping Haiti song doesn't make me a diva / Daily Record

Elissa in Virgin Lebanon Interview ROTANA 2010


Why is Beirut still a byword for chaos? / BCC News

A U.N. Betrayal in Beirut
/ New York Times

'Surge in business' for Lebanese carpets / UK Flooring Direct

Hijacking of 6 Lebanese Radio Stations Turns Out To Be a Clever Radio Stunt for Local GSM Operator / Al Bawaba

Syrian immigration influenced Wichita culture / The Wichita Eagle


Olympic skiing: Njeim wears Ute ski outfit / Salt Lake Tribune


Video: Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri met Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican Rome Reports TV News Agency


Friday, February 19, 2010

Guest Post: Live from Georges Chakra Fashion Show in NYC!

Our first guest blog post from our friend "Nanoush" who attended Georges Chakra at NY Fashion Week! Enjoy!!!:

Georges Chakra, once viewed as ‘tacky’ by many of my fashion-oriented friends, has shed himself of this image and has established a more haute-couture presence, cemented by the presentation of his Fall/Spring 2010 "Edition" collection last weekend under the tents at Bryant Park (by the way rumor has it the time-honored tradition of Fashion Week under the tents has ended!).

Though the arena was packed, there was a bit of a scuffle as guests tried to get to their seats—apparently everyone in attendance deemed themselves too VIP to actually stand in line (gasp!). And there was a bit of a seating mishap with some of the actual VIPs, but with a bit of scrambling and lots of frantic blustering into headsets, everyone was accommodated and the show finally went on, albeit a bit late.

The rocky start was soon forgotten, however, once the models emerged on the runway. The dresses were intricate, mixing softer feminine fabrics with more masculine and edgy asymmetric cuts, and the juxtaposition left many of the attendees in appreciative awe. The collection featured many open backed dresses, leaving the impression that one would be a head turner both coming and going. Nearly every outfit featured lace material, whether it be on the dress itself, as part of long gloves, or even in one case, a full lace (and very sheer!) skirt (I guess it isn’t really runway if there’s not at least one outfit nobody would be caught dead in).

All in all, however, most of the dresses were actually very wearable, in an Arab-wedding kind of way. Much of the collection was in black, though it was sprinkled with some reds, golds, and silvers as well. Chakra has managed to update the ‘little black dress’ look while maintaining a style of elegance and sexiness that one would expect to see on the Fashion Week runway, while still throwing in some more daring looks, such as a few particular dresses reminiscent of a backwards men’s jacket (bizarre, and yet, I have a feeling this one might actually catch on).

Georges Chakra has been gaining prominence on the red carpet; his designs have been worn by the likes of Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry and Emily Blunt (who, by the way, all look way better in the dresses than those skeleton models who eerily all looked identical—seriously ladies, eat a burger!), and yet the show was decidedly void of any noteworthy celebrities. The closest thing was Z-lister Alex McCord from The Real Housewives of New York (the tall blonde chick), who, judging by the swarm of photographers around her, was the only remotely ‘celebrity’ the show was able to attract.

Despite the celebrity no-shows however, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of Mr. Chakra on the red carpet. After all, who better to strike the perfect balance between pretty femininity and edgy masculinity?

~ Nanoush

(All pics taken by Nanoush at the show!)

Thanks Nanoush!! We love you!!!

Déjà vu x 3!

Our dear reader, "melicieuse" asked me to do it....and I did

here, ladies and gentlemen, would be the 3rd dress "inspired" by the 1949 Junon Dior gown...

It's British actress Emily Blunt in....well can you guess who the designer is?? If you're avid readers of BetLZ you should be able to figure it out...

...that's right, it's Georges Chakra!! Again!

When will it ever end??


BetLZ News 2.19.10


Don't expect progress from talking to Syria
/ The Washington Post

Ahmadinejad discusses Lebanon with Nasrallah, Suleiman / Tehran Times

Arab peacekeeping force proposed / UPI

Crafty cocaine carpet seized / The Australian


'Digital nomads' find a home in Beirut / Irish Times


Weyves and Elie Saab to unveil first superyacht at Abu Dhabi Yacht Show
/ Super Yacht Times

First-ever joint Muslim-Christian holiday celebrates Virgin Mary / LA Times

Songs and dances from across the Mediterranean
/ The Daily Star

US Embassy in Beirut introduces new online visa form


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Star Academy 7 starts tomorrow on LBC!!!

Guess what??!!??!!!!!!!!

Star Academy 7 starts tomorrow on LBC!

Ok, so I know plenty of you detest the show (my boyfriend for one) but i LOVELOVELOVELOVEEEE it!!

And it's starting a bit late this year, and if it weren't for my mom watching LBC I wouldn't even know it (major FAIL PR of Star Ac--the website doesn't even announce it!...

You KNOWWWW you miss Friday night PRIMES and wonderful skits with Russian dancers and elaborate costumes that have nothing to do with the song!!

But yeyyy! Let's see what wonderful specimens they have for us this year...

Hilda, we missed you!!


(And now I'm going to add lots of pictures to this post to make you as excited as I am!!)

BetLZ News 2.18.10

In Lebanon, A Reason For Heartbreak
/ Forbes

Arabs would back Lebanon if attacked by Israel: Mussa / AFP

Lebanese sentenced to death for spying for Israel / AFP

Suntech provides solar panels to 19 remote schools in Lebanon
/ CoolerPlanet (article on this yesterday as well)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

BetLZ News 2.11.10...continued!!!

More news for today!!

Daily Pampering: Four Seasons Beirut / Gadling

Anti-Israel protesters target Beirut Starbucks due to false internet rumors / Examiner
For years I have been receiving emails that the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, was a total Zionist. Apparently the rumors began because of a speech he made in a synagogue in 2002. This article clarifies that Starbucks immediately responded to this rumor saying : "I deeply regret that my speech in Seattle was misinterpreted to be anti-Palestinian. My position has always been pro-peace and for the two nations to co-exist peacefully. I am deeply saddened by the current events in the Middle East."" So maybe all of those rumors (to which I have never seen any evidence) are true, and we should stop hating on least in the Zionist aspect...

In Beirut, something for the weekend that really smokes / The National


And something that is a MUSTMUSTMUSTTT watch!!!:

You may have heard about the infamous tacky Syrian lingerie...

Watch this TIME Video titled "Naughty Lingerie in Conservative Syria"

A Phone on a thong..that's what I call multitasking!

My favorite parts??

"when i sit down to design I think as a man, how they want to see their women"

"how many a man buys depends on how many wives he has

I don't know about you ladies, but I personally asked my boyfriend to get me a pair of those clap-off undies--so pragmatic and sexy at the same time!! Don't you want a little teddy bear in front of your crotch? (Hurry before they're sold out!)

Lingerie can be both educational AND sexy!!!

Let me NOT comment on how women throughout conservative societies throughout the Middle East are expected to stay virgins until marriage, behave totally innocently and never think of sex or boyfriends, societes where rape is very often taboo, where society requires them to dress conservatively, etc. but when it comes down to being married and having a husband, he wants you to be as slutty as he would like. So its not that women shouldn't be sluts...that type of behavior is totally ok--for their husbands.


But other than that this video is actually hilarious!

Click Here to watch!

(Thanks to BG for sending me this link!)


BetLZ News 2.11.10

New York Fall 2010 Preview: Georges Chakra / Fashion Wire Daily (See the sneak peak of George Chakra's fashion show that will take place this weekend at NY fashion week!)

Lebanese minister rules out bomb on Ethiopian jet / The Washington Post

Five years on, Lebanon's 'Cedar Revolution' wanes / AFP

Lebanese Business Tycoon Threatens Lawsuit Against Government For Domestic Debts / Global News Network

A Lebanese man facing deportation fights to stay with his wife and son in Minnesota / Star Tribune

Hariri: We Won't Split Beirut, No Compromise on International Tribunal / Naharnet


Reem Acra's collection will be presented as an online-only film rather than a runway show. Catch its debut at noon on February 18.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

BetLZ News 2.9.10 ...continued!!

More news already!!

No sour grapes for Lebanon's wine-making monks

Hariri to inaugurate annual gathering for newspapers, news publishers / The Daily Star

Beirut's lost Jewish past / Los Angeles Times (The Jews of Lebanon, something we have frequently spoken about...)

Nahas calls for turning Beirut into Arab broadcasters' center / The Daily Star (Isn't it already??)

If you're in Lebanon and an Elissa fan:

Elissa Signs "Tisadak Bimin" In Beirut / Wikeez (Who knew she had a new album? Has anyone heard it? Any good?)


BetLZ News 2.9.10

Pilot Error Behind Ethiopian Jet Crash - Source / Reuters

Accused Paris bomber likely to face June extradition hearing
/ AFP (Accused bomber is Canadian-Lebanese)

Lebanese President to visit Cyprus / Financial Mirror

Saudi Arabia upholds 'sex boast' conviction / BBC News (remember that issue of the program on LBC that showed Saudi Arabians talking about their sex lives and using sex toys on TV that resulted in LBC being banned in Saudi Arabia??)

Spat overshadows Lebanese Maronite 1600th anniversary celebrations
/ AP

Beirut appeals to Spain for security help / UPI


From Beirut to Biafra: Don McCullin's war photographs go on show / The Guardian

And remember, we LOVEEEE to hear from you! So any positive comments you have to leave/any constructive criticism are always strongly desired!!! (We write for you after all!)


Monday, February 8, 2010

Li2mi Zgheeri (A Little Taste...) n°14 - Introducing...Abed Mahfouz!

A new Lebanese designer is on our radar--Abed Mahfouz!

Though still a stranger to the US, he seems to be quite popular in Italy where he has participated in many fashion shows...the designer is just taking off I believe, as you can check out his site, and notice that though the site looks quite nice, many parts are still under construction--reminds me of Elie Saab in the old days...

So Abed seems to be a less tacky version of Basil Soda--with many of his dresses having an 'Arabian' feel to them--what do you guys think?


BetLZ News 2.8.10

Main parts of crashed Ethiopian jet found off Lebanon / Reuters

Wadi Abou Jamil: Stories About the Jews of Beirut / The Huffington Post (more on the jews of lebanon!)

The Economist Group opens a regional representative office in Beirut / Zawya

Lebanese fear stall in tribunal on Hariri slaying / Washington Post


Friday, February 5, 2010

Smoking and Lebanon

This is definitely a step in the right direction.

Sayegh bans smoking at Social Affairs Ministry

I'm all for the right of smokers to light up, I was an avid smoker myself. Although I stopped months ago, I still from time to time light up.

However, I believe that the cigarette does not belong in, at the very least, government places if not all public places.

Kudos for the minister in charge. Bravo.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Human Rights in the UAE

I'm having a hard time conciliating these two seemingly very far apart stories coming out of Dubai.

Great job for the woman trying to tackle the issue of pedophilia in her country. Please keep at it.
Here's the story.

Yet, this is the same country that accused a woman of having extra-marital sex and jailed for it, when in fact she was raped, and had to drop charges as part of a plea bargain. Really shameful and disgusting.
Here's that story.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BetLZ News 2.2.10 #2

Another blow to the (false) theory that vaccines cause autism. BBC

Beijing warns Obama against meeting Dalai Lama. CNN

The catholic church and it's love for equality. BBC

A brief history of gays in the military (notice how they "determined" one was gay during WWII). TIME

السنّ الـ 18 في وطن هزيل ANNAHAR


Li2mi Zgheeri (A Little Taste...) n°13

I knew it!

When I was watching the Grammys I saw Carrie Underwood's dress while she was performing the MJ Tribute onstage and I thought "that looks like Reem Acra!"

When I compiled the pics of the celebs wearing Lebanese Designers, I couldn't find mention of Carrie's performance dress anywhere--only of her Red Carpet Georges Chakra Dress...

But as it turns out, I was right! (My friends will tell u I like to think I'm right all the time...not true!)

Check out the pics below and read the following:

Carrie Underwood's Grammy Style Snapped Up

Posted: February 2nd, 2010 at 12:42 pm | By: Alison Bonaguro
Technically, I'm still on the waiting list at this sample sale virtual outlet. But I really wish I'd been a member yesterday (Feb. 1) because they are the proud sellers of everything awesome, like the same style of dress Carrie Underwood rocked during the Michael Jackson tribute at the Grammy Awards. You know, the gold lame strapless chiffon one with all that beading going on at the waist? That one. (Not to be confused with the rock star-turned-angel white Georges Chakra one she had on on the red carpet.) The gown is by a Lebanese designer Reem Acra, who is quickly becoming a favorite of anyone going anywhere important. But alas, it sold out within hours of going on sale at this inventory reduction hot spot for around $1,500. The original retail price was more in the neighborhood of $5,400. Both prices are way beyond my reach, but I am genuinely happy for whoever is the proud new owner.


BetLZ News 2.2.10

Body recovered nine days after Lebanon plane crash / AFP

Lebanon gets relatives' DNA in Ethiopian jet crash
/ AP

Israel returns abducted Lebanese shepherd after 'severe beating'/ The Daily Star

Robert Fisk: Israel feels under siege. Like a victim. An underdog / The Independent

Start-up Lebanese tracker of Web traffic turns profitable / The National


Monday, February 1, 2010

BetLZ News 2.1.10

Today's news!

Sub to help search for crashed Ethiopian jet / Washington Post

Israel returns Lebanese shepherd / UPI (who was a teenager, i would like to note)

An Ethiopian Funeral in Beirut / The Faster Times

Lebanon posts solid economic gains undergoing period of political tension / Global Arab Network


Li2mi Zgheeri (A Little Taste...) n°12

You knew it was coming....Grammy's 2010!

Carrie Underwood in this Georges Chakra elegant gown:

Suits her well though does remind me of a nightie...

Rihanna in Elie Saab:

Not my thing but then nothing Rihanna wears ever is...

And wouldn't you know it, both lovely ladies made the Best Dressed lists!

Also, surprisingly Beyonce chose not to wear Elie Saab this time round, and also, coincidentally, did not end up a Grammy Best Dressed....

From the archives:

Beyonce in Elie Saab at the 2006 Grammys:

Should've stuck with Elie!