Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stupid of the Day Award

So, people in Lebanon are celebrating the release of the 4 generals after years of imprisonment.
If you ask me, the release is a good thing in a way. If these generals were imprisoned unjustly then it's good that they are released.

But I'm not actually gonna get into that right now.

I'm here to present to you the Stupid of the Day straight from Beirut, the city I've learned to have a love/hate relationship with.

The absolute Lebanese requirement for any celebration, is gunfire followed with some baklava mixed in with some fireworks.

Usually people take precautions with these kinds of things, but eh, we have hospitals, don't we???

Holding an ENTIRE box of fireworks with his BARE hands.

My absolute favorite: when you incorporate the essential cigarette into the mix!

most probably a Marlboro!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arabic Sound Bite n° 1

So I know that there are significantly more important things happening now in Lebanon like the release of 4 of the suspected murderers of Hariri, but forgive me for not wanting to get into that right now.

Instead, I am sure everyone would benefit much more for from watching this monstrosity, and then proceeding to mark it on Youtube as Inappropriate Content so that it gets permanently removed and minimal damage is done to the reputation of Lebanese music.

I give you "Funky Arabs" by il moutrib Jad Choueiri:

My god man, what were you thinking??? REALLY?

How did this man come out of the same country as Fairouz?


Monday, April 27, 2009

Un-Kosher Flu

You just gotta love the Israelis.
So apparently, Swine flu is un-kosher, and it has to be renamed Mexican Flu!

Gotta be the funniest thing to come out of Israel in a while!



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Li2mi Zgheeri (A Little Taste...) n°3

Not to always hate on Zuhair Murad, I did love his dress for Miley Cyrus (lets save my thoughts about her for another post) for the 2009 Oscars.

Looks like a beautiful flower, and somehow despite the fact that it is a big and very detailed dress, i don't think it's over the top. I bet it weighs a ton though...


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Gossip Girl Here..."

Anyone watch the latest Gossip Girl episode (American series that makes you lose 20 points of your IQ each time you watch it but that is the guilty pleasure of women everywhere)?

See around 10:30

Blair Waldorf is getting a personal fitting for a Reem Acra dress in her NYC atelier. At first I thought the lady doing the fitting was Reem but it's not.

Despite the fact that I despise that I watch this made-for-teens-glorified-soap-opera, this is absolutely huge for Reem, Gossip Girl is THE show to watch right now, and abolsutely sets the trends for fashion.
Having grown up in NYC myself I would, for the record, like to tell any GG fans out there that this is NOT at all how real people live in the city; but then again that would be why this show is so popular

You go Reem!

Monday, April 20, 2009

"Working" on Vay-cay

¡Hola¡ No, not holla, hola, as in spanish! I spent the past 9 days in Spain and this is why, as BG explained, I was AWOL :)

I have to say, I LOVE the Spanish. I had no problem with the French until I went to Spain. The Spanish are SO DAMN nice, relatively you realize how freaking mean the french are! I swear, I spoke like 3 words of Spanish, and those Spaniards put up with me butchering their language and were all smiles about it. In France, how DARE you not speak French you lowly creature! (Con!) You are not even worthy of a response if you are not francophone.

I even prefer being hit on in Spanish! No seriously, I was offered free sex (¡¡¡free sex chica, free sex¡¡¡) and other stuff I am too polite to mention, which in Paris, would have resulted in me getting extremely pissed off and cursing (i'm polite, i swear it!) back, but in Spain¿¿¿ Oh no, no, no; there's something different about the way they hit on you, it's just more friendly and in good fun--I can't explain it.

Oh, the best part was when me and three girlfriends took a night walk in Seville to see the Cathedral and stood under an awning to be sheltered from the rain, and, I kid you not, 3 seconds later two guys have stopped to talk to us, and then another group of guys passes by, who still, despite the other 2 guys, proceed to hit on us, and then to ask us if those other guys are bothering us. (My friend later translated this whole confusing ritual). But then, instead of these guys getting into a brawl, the two groups start to chat, introduce one another, and ask about where in Spain they were each from, leaving us girls to stare at them in utter confusion.

It was marvelous.

Anyway, point being, the Spanish people are absolutely amazing.

So apologies for not blogging. I did however continually think about this blog whilst I was away, especially when I was shopping at Mango in Marbella and came across this:

Apparently, Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad is doing a limited collection for Mango.

Honestly, other than these shoes and maybe one short dress with a bow tie across the chest, I really didn't like anything, quite tacky and really cheap polyester material. Apparently it's the fourth time he works for them, so I guess its quite popular in the Middle East...

umm...sadly not surprising

Elie and Reem still reign!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fashion with a twist

I know this is SOOOOOOOOOOO not my area and fashion posts on this blog are a specialty of La Zaytouni, but I can't let this pass me by. Not to mention she's AWOL in Europe!

Especially so that it is related to my Drama with a Twist post.

It appears that inmates in Lebanon are a busy bunch. Besides putting on a theatrical performance (refer to Drama with a Twist), they are now producing handbags. And these are not just any handbags, celebrities and royalty are shown sporting these things!!

This started with Sarah Beydoun when she was writing her thesis about prostitution and women prisoners in Lebanon.

BIG kudos for selling things made by inmates. At least when they get out (if they do), they would have at least accomplished something while being locked up and/or learned a skill that they can put to use outside. I know this is not much of a big deal for people living in Western countries where inmates are rehabilitated, but for Lebanon this is HUGE.

Some of these bags are not bad.

Refer to this BBC article, where Catherine Deneuve and Queen Rania are spotted carrying some of their creations.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Li2mi Zgheeri (A Little Taste...) n°2

Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab at the 2009 Oscars

Simple and elegant. I like the see-through slit, gives the dress a little more appeal than just another black dress. Of course the emerald earrings match perfectly, and it helps to be Angelina. Not so sure about that clutch though...


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sad 2

[For the past four months, he said, officers have been engaged in a "campaign to clean up the streets and get the beggars and homosexuals off them."]

cuz, you know, the're EQUAL!


Li2mi Zgheeri (A Little Taste...)

Halle Berre in Reem Acra

Very elegant, love the fabric and the color really matches her skin tone.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An (Lebanese) American in Paris

I have been a very, very bad blogger and I am très desolée. Excusez-moi

When I was stuck in my NYC office, it was very easy to blog, a little too easy--I was up to 3 blog posts a day.

Now that I am in Par-ee, this is simply not the case.

But alas, my return is long overdue. Poor Baba has been blogging all on his own, and what is Baba without LZ?? rien. de. tout. (ahh, mais je blague!)

Is my insertion of random french words ridiculously annoying? too bad, i love it. it screams "yes, i live in paris! be very jealous of me!"

i apologize. the parisians have gotten to my head.

also, can we please discuss how EVERY FRENCH MAN is ridiculously attractive? i'm not kidding. from the métro drivers to the security guards to the construction workers, they all look like models. its wonderful.

also, i would like to say that my arabic has been more useful than my french here. really.

everyone loves lebanese people in paris! not only are there lebanese people EVERYWHERE(in my area alone there are 6 lebanese restaurants that i have discovered, if you're standing in one particular spot you can see three of them at once) but there are plenty of algerians/moroccons/tunisians that love lebanese people, especially lebanese girls, which means i have been getting free things and first class treatment everywhere.

like the cute little old tunisian man that works at the épicerie near my place that always gives me free stuff and kisses my hand every time i see him (in a non-creepy way guys, trust me!)and the algerian bouncers that weren't going to let me and my 6 girlfriends into "World's Place" (some show-offy club that thinks its the sh** because its owned by Johnny Depp and Sean Penn) until I spoke with him in arabic and we floated on through and the egyptian men who owned the hookah bar that somehow found room for me and my friends even though the place was full.

yep, speaking arabic can really help you out in paris--maybe not actually being moroccan, algerian or tunisian--somehow i get the feeling that they are not adored here, but speaking arabic or being a lebanese girl; you got it made baby.

On a side-note, if a lebanese guy who is give-or-take 10 years older than you tells you to consider him as your brother for the duration of your time in paris, do not believe him. i repeat, DO NOT believe him.

if he asks you what perfume you were wearing or invites you to eat mnaeesh for breakfast, don't think he's just being friendly and trying to make you feel at home; RUN FOR THE HILLS. or lie and tell him you have a lebanese boyfriend who's father is (a) elie hobeika,(b) samir geagea, (c) hassan nasrallah, (d) milheim barakaat (what? i think he's really creepy...). that is all i have to say about that.

Just to show you how much the Lebanese are adored here:

Yes, I am THAT important, Sarkozy put this up all along the Champs-Élysées, in front of the Arc de Triomphe, the Grand and Petit Palais and the Invalides just for me, oh, and for Michel Suleiman's 3-day visit at the end of March (which was Sarko's first visit by an Arab head of state).

But really, it was for me.

Promise to write again soon!




PS: If you are in Par-ee and crave a quick shawarma or falafel sandwich, try Al Dar or Chez Le Libanais

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well that's one way to cure homosexuality.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Photoshop, Middle Eastern style! 2

I am loving this whole photoshoping Middle Eastern thing!

Now the Jews are doing it! Maybe it is genetic after all, like a ME trait or something.

Apparently a bunch of ultra-orthodox yahudis have a problem with women's photos, or maybe just women in general. Two newspapers in Israel cropped out the photos of the two female ministers in Bibi's new government and replaced them with two men.

I wonder who these guys are?

Here's the link