Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arabic Sound Bite n° 1

So I know that there are significantly more important things happening now in Lebanon like the release of 4 of the suspected murderers of Hariri, but forgive me for not wanting to get into that right now.

Instead, I am sure everyone would benefit much more for from watching this monstrosity, and then proceeding to mark it on Youtube as Inappropriate Content so that it gets permanently removed and minimal damage is done to the reputation of Lebanese music.

I give you "Funky Arabs" by il moutrib Jad Choueiri:

My god man, what were you thinking??? REALLY?

How did this man come out of the same country as Fairouz?



  1. the clip is BAD.
    but full of HOT guys!

  2. Did you know he is also running for MP???

  3. no way!
    which district? do u know?