Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fashion with a twist

I know this is SOOOOOOOOOOO not my area and fashion posts on this blog are a specialty of La Zaytouni, but I can't let this pass me by. Not to mention she's AWOL in Europe!

Especially so that it is related to my Drama with a Twist post.

It appears that inmates in Lebanon are a busy bunch. Besides putting on a theatrical performance (refer to Drama with a Twist), they are now producing handbags. And these are not just any handbags, celebrities and royalty are shown sporting these things!!

This started with Sarah Beydoun when she was writing her thesis about prostitution and women prisoners in Lebanon.

BIG kudos for selling things made by inmates. At least when they get out (if they do), they would have at least accomplished something while being locked up and/or learned a skill that they can put to use outside. I know this is not much of a big deal for people living in Western countries where inmates are rehabilitated, but for Lebanon this is HUGE.

Some of these bags are not bad.

Refer to this BBC article, where Catherine Deneuve and Queen Rania are spotted carrying some of their creations.



  1. Yes, they've been there for some years now, but their bags are a bit on the expensive side
    (300$ and above)

  2. Yes and Sarah's bags are getting more and more expensive (500$ + for textile bags). i really hope that the workers/inmates are kind of sharing the profits

  3. BG,

    I love you doing fashion! I should get off my lazy behind and start doing some poltical, it's been a while--paris is getting to me
    btw, i need catherine deneuve's bag
    I agree w/ Maya, i wonder what Sarah Baydoun is doing with these profits...