Monday, April 20, 2009

"Working" on Vay-cay

¡Hola¡ No, not holla, hola, as in spanish! I spent the past 9 days in Spain and this is why, as BG explained, I was AWOL :)

I have to say, I LOVE the Spanish. I had no problem with the French until I went to Spain. The Spanish are SO DAMN nice, relatively you realize how freaking mean the french are! I swear, I spoke like 3 words of Spanish, and those Spaniards put up with me butchering their language and were all smiles about it. In France, how DARE you not speak French you lowly creature! (Con!) You are not even worthy of a response if you are not francophone.

I even prefer being hit on in Spanish! No seriously, I was offered free sex (¡¡¡free sex chica, free sex¡¡¡) and other stuff I am too polite to mention, which in Paris, would have resulted in me getting extremely pissed off and cursing (i'm polite, i swear it!) back, but in Spain¿¿¿ Oh no, no, no; there's something different about the way they hit on you, it's just more friendly and in good fun--I can't explain it.

Oh, the best part was when me and three girlfriends took a night walk in Seville to see the Cathedral and stood under an awning to be sheltered from the rain, and, I kid you not, 3 seconds later two guys have stopped to talk to us, and then another group of guys passes by, who still, despite the other 2 guys, proceed to hit on us, and then to ask us if those other guys are bothering us. (My friend later translated this whole confusing ritual). But then, instead of these guys getting into a brawl, the two groups start to chat, introduce one another, and ask about where in Spain they were each from, leaving us girls to stare at them in utter confusion.

It was marvelous.

Anyway, point being, the Spanish people are absolutely amazing.

So apologies for not blogging. I did however continually think about this blog whilst I was away, especially when I was shopping at Mango in Marbella and came across this:

Apparently, Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad is doing a limited collection for Mango.

Honestly, other than these shoes and maybe one short dress with a bow tie across the chest, I really didn't like anything, quite tacky and really cheap polyester material. Apparently it's the fourth time he works for them, so I guess its quite popular in the Middle East...

umm...sadly not surprising

Elie and Reem still reign!


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