Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Gossip Girl Here..."

Anyone watch the latest Gossip Girl episode (American series that makes you lose 20 points of your IQ each time you watch it but that is the guilty pleasure of women everywhere)?

See around 10:30

Blair Waldorf is getting a personal fitting for a Reem Acra dress in her NYC atelier. At first I thought the lady doing the fitting was Reem but it's not.

Despite the fact that I despise that I watch this made-for-teens-glorified-soap-opera, this is absolutely huge for Reem, Gossip Girl is THE show to watch right now, and abolsutely sets the trends for fashion.
Having grown up in NYC myself I would, for the record, like to tell any GG fans out there that this is NOT at all how real people live in the city; but then again that would be why this show is so popular

You go Reem!

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