Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drama with a twist

Who doesn't enjoy a theatrical performance every once in a while? What about one were the cast of actors is all men (hmm, I know I'd like that!). Now how about a theatrical performance in an old dilapidated prison in one of the highest security facilities in Lebanon were all the actors are convicted men?!
Yep, you read that right.

Zeina Daccache, the director and creator of this prison drama, is actually a popular actress in Lebanon. She plays a "funny" character on basmat watan, a popular political satirical show in Lebanon.
You can find an interview with her at the following link:

and by the way, I'm loving that site. If for nothing else, just for the name.

Back to the theater story. So this whole idea was supposed to be some sort of drama therapy for the prisoners. I liked the idea of it. I know drama and acting can be therapeutic, and very enjoyable especially when used as a means for self-expression. I certainly loved acting (way back in high school), and it was very useful for me in terms of self expression especially in terms of escaping into a totally different persona and getting out of "my shell" so to speak.

You can find a BBC story at the following link:

And a YouTube video from LBCI at the following link (in Arabic):



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