Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lebanese Syrian Relations

I wonder for how long are the Syrians going to keep on playing the same game?

Since Lebanese independence in 1943 and they still play by the same book: undermine Lebanon's independence as much as possible, and never ever try to even hint that you recognize Lebanon as an independent sovereign nation.

This is classic Syrian behavior towards Lebanon!

They were not-so-much-conspicuously absent from Monday's opening of the Lebanese embassy in Damascus.

The best part is their reason for not attending: Oh, we thought that the opening of the Lebanese embassy was yesterday, so we did not attend today!

Oh really?
So let me get this straight. You thought that it was yesterday (meaning Sunday) and thus you did not show up on Monday?

So, I'm confused.
Did they show up Sunday and there was nothing going on?
How do you manage to screw up an entire diplomatic affair like this one?

And let's assume for once that they are not lying, so let's assume that they did really think it was taking place on Sunday and that they showed up on Sunday. Wouldn't you think that they will find out that it was really Monday and not Sunday and then would have eventually attended the Monday opening?

How do they get away with saying stuff like that in public?
Oh, not to mention that they still have not named their ambassador to Beirut, even though it's been over month since the Lebanese have done so.

Just give it up already. Lebanon is its' own country and you just need to recognize that and move on!

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  1. And you still have a part of the Lebanese people demonstrating and shouting out loud "Bil rouh bil damm, nifdik ya Bashar"; go figure.