Thursday, March 12, 2009

Palestinian Mockery

So if I get this straight, the Palestinian people are stateless and hundreds of thousands of them are refugees in other countries and even thousands are refugees in their own land and most if not all don't have citizenships and/or passports, but a screaming MP from the UK get a Palestinian passport?

Yes, UK MP George Galloway, who is pretty much famous for being a trouble maker (I suggest you read his wiki page), received a Palestinian passport from non other than Ismail Haniyeh. The passport was given in recognition of Galloway's tireless support for the Palestinian cause.

Now I understand that the guy is really vocal on Arab issues, and he's some sort of an internet sensation with the Arabs, they just absolutely love his rant videos on YouTube. But does he really deserve a passport for that? What about all the other passport-less Palestinians who have more of a right to these passports than a vocal UK MP? Hundreds of thousands of refugees have access only to what is called a travel document and this screaming buffoon from the UK gets a passport. One other thing, what authority does a Hamas leader and FORMER PM have in issuing these passports anyway, or will this passport only be valid in Hamasistan?

I wonder if this guy will ever try to use his new passport. Maybe then, after being humiliated because of the passport he carries, he will really understand the injustice dealt to our peoples. (PS: I am in no way summing up the entire injustice dealt to the Arabs by narrowing it down to airport security, but I mean it in a general racist sense)

Because, up until now, his vocal propaganda is all theatrics to me.



  1. How many people with passports can actually use them? Thanks to the crushing embargo from Israel (and the US via Egypt) they are symbolic only.

    But why let such facts get in the way of your ignorance?

  2. My point was not whether they can use them or not, although I alluded to that by talking about the airport security situations. However, my point was that millions of people that deserve them and should get them just simply don't, while a man who has made a mockery out of a public service career, walks away with one, whether symbolic or not. Also, let's not forget that the palestinian people are not limited to those living in Gaza. Millions live outside Gaza, and would love to have a passport (and can probably use it, due to lack of embargo against other nations) rather than travel documents (nothing more than a piece of paper).

  3. BG,

    I agree with you on the point 'what about other stateless Palestinians?'. I can see with you on that. And Galloway's support for Palestine is not necessarily deserving of a Palestinian passport. Along this line of reasoning, then many non-Palestinians would be carriers of the Palestinian passport.

    But I disagree greatly with your opinion of Galloway. You have to understand that Galloway doesn't give a fuck about propaganda or constituencies as rumored about him. Just a very petty example: the man took one big risk and a career suicide move by joining Celebrity Big Brother in 2006... (maybe) made an utter fool of himself, which did not figure well with the British public as I remember since I was following the whole spectacle all along. The man doesn't give a fuck. I loved him for that (and I personally, enjoyed him in CBB2006).

    I also want to reiterate that he does not only represent the Muslim voice of Britain (rather, constituency in this case), but also your lay socialist *white* man who supports Galloway, RESPECT and its principles including the Israeli/Palestinian issue. And, these people exist abundantly. Ask me about that. My uni is full of blond and blue eyed people who would campaign vehemently against Israel as if they were directly concerned or involved...

    No, I wouldn't call him a sucker for propaganda.

    If you ask me... I, personally, love him for all these things; his big chatter mouth, his stance on the ME, his beliefs mirrored in RESPECT.

    But, this is just my humble opinion - and maybe cause I am very leftist these days, though I am not that too extreme ;)