Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photoshop, Middle Eastern style!

Disclaimer 1: I am neither a March 14th supporter nor a March 8th supporter.

Disclaimer 2: I think Nefertiti would have looked gorgeous the way she was, no cosmetics needed.

Having said that, who can forget last year's (or so) huge photoshoping incident with Gen. Michel Aoun and his FPM??? Well, in case you're one of these who forgot, here's a reminder.

Basically, this was a rather lame attempt by the general to accuse a Lebanese Forces supporter of opening fire on the opposition's protest.

Well as coincidence has it, it turns out that these "photoshoping" or "doctoring" techniques might have a genetic or hereditary (if that's not redundant, i don't know what is) link. Maybe it's a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean trait.

Check this story out: Egypt: Photoshop, Pharaoh Style

It turns out as well (more redundancy for you) that sculptors may have enhanced Nefertiti's image a bit. You know, some old style botox type of thing.

She definitely looks good in the enhanced form, I wonder what she would have looked like without all the cosmetic "sculptory" (don't even know if that's a word or not, but i'm making it one!)

I am waiting for some archeologist/virtual modelist to come up with one . . . . .


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