Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lebanese Syrian Relations 2


Syria finally appoints its ambassador to Lebanon.
After years of not recognizing Lebanon as an independent sovereign nation, Syria has finally succumbed to international pressure to recognize its' tiny neighbor as an independent entity not part of its' own greater geographical existence. It remains to be seen if the Syrians will actually follow up this recognition of independence by not interfering in Lebanese internal affairs and not undermining Lebanon's sovereignty.
We can only hope that Lebanese Syrian relationships are finally on the right track.

This is certainly a first step in the right direction.
A plethora of issues remain to be solved:
  • final and concrete demarcation of the border that separates the two countries
  • review of the various treaties signed under Syrian occupation that are mostly one-sided and favor Syria
  • dismantling of the various pro-Syrian Palestinian military posts
  • and most importantly, the return/fate of the various Lebanese prisoners in Syria
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