Thursday, February 11, 2010

BetLZ News 2.11.10...continued!!!

More news for today!!

Daily Pampering: Four Seasons Beirut / Gadling

Anti-Israel protesters target Beirut Starbucks due to false internet rumors / Examiner
For years I have been receiving emails that the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, was a total Zionist. Apparently the rumors began because of a speech he made in a synagogue in 2002. This article clarifies that Starbucks immediately responded to this rumor saying : "I deeply regret that my speech in Seattle was misinterpreted to be anti-Palestinian. My position has always been pro-peace and for the two nations to co-exist peacefully. I am deeply saddened by the current events in the Middle East."" So maybe all of those rumors (to which I have never seen any evidence) are true, and we should stop hating on least in the Zionist aspect...

In Beirut, something for the weekend that really smokes / The National


And something that is a MUSTMUSTMUSTTT watch!!!:

You may have heard about the infamous tacky Syrian lingerie...

Watch this TIME Video titled "Naughty Lingerie in Conservative Syria"

A Phone on a thong..that's what I call multitasking!

My favorite parts??

"when i sit down to design I think as a man, how they want to see their women"

"how many a man buys depends on how many wives he has

I don't know about you ladies, but I personally asked my boyfriend to get me a pair of those clap-off undies--so pragmatic and sexy at the same time!! Don't you want a little teddy bear in front of your crotch? (Hurry before they're sold out!)

Lingerie can be both educational AND sexy!!!

Let me NOT comment on how women throughout conservative societies throughout the Middle East are expected to stay virgins until marriage, behave totally innocently and never think of sex or boyfriends, societes where rape is very often taboo, where society requires them to dress conservatively, etc. but when it comes down to being married and having a husband, he wants you to be as slutty as he would like. So its not that women shouldn't be sluts...that type of behavior is totally ok--for their husbands.


But other than that this video is actually hilarious!

Click Here to watch!

(Thanks to BG for sending me this link!)


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  1. hahahahahahahaha I almost fell off my seat when they showed the remote control and clap control ones, those singing teddy bear/duckling ones are t die for hahahahahah.