Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BetLZ News 2.24.10

Arab Olympic skier: Lebanon's not just sand and desert
/ CNN (What a STUPID title---CNN, we are not at all desert and sand, unless you are refering to the sand on the beach--idiots)

Lebanon may follow anti-smoking trend / LA Times

Three Lebanese charged with spying for Israel / Reuters

Beirut has 31st most expensive office space worldwide in 2010: survey / Daily Star

Handmade soap: A family tradition in Tripoli /

**Just for Fun**

Launching Fi Beirut

Launching Fi Beirut from greyc on Vimeo.

About the game
“Fi” (arabic for “in”) is an urban game taking place in the different streets of a city. The intention was to have a game happening every month in a different city in Lebanon. Launched through an anonymous newspaper, fi is an urban alternate reality game that later requires your existence on the street. The game is a treasure hunt where 4 riddles must be solved and filled in the chart on the back of the newspaper, that will form the 5th and final riddle. fi introduces the player to different aspects of Lebanon and each time in a different city. For this first issue, the game is taking place in Beirut. The game indirectly displays the various aspects of Beirut by taking you to specific locations uncovering highly politicized areas, rich areas, developing areas , and nightlife areas.

Lebanese Having Fun on the Snow in Ehden


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