Thursday, February 18, 2010

Star Academy 7 starts tomorrow on LBC!!!

Guess what??!!??!!!!!!!!

Star Academy 7 starts tomorrow on LBC!

Ok, so I know plenty of you detest the show (my boyfriend for one) but i LOVELOVELOVELOVEEEE it!!

And it's starting a bit late this year, and if it weren't for my mom watching LBC I wouldn't even know it (major FAIL PR of Star Ac--the website doesn't even announce it!...

You KNOWWWW you miss Friday night PRIMES and wonderful skits with Russian dancers and elaborate costumes that have nothing to do with the song!!

But yeyyy! Let's see what wonderful specimens they have for us this year...

Hilda, we missed you!!


(And now I'm going to add lots of pictures to this post to make you as excited as I am!!)

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