Friday, February 19, 2010

Guest Post: Live from Georges Chakra Fashion Show in NYC!

Our first guest blog post from our friend "Nanoush" who attended Georges Chakra at NY Fashion Week! Enjoy!!!:

Georges Chakra, once viewed as ‘tacky’ by many of my fashion-oriented friends, has shed himself of this image and has established a more haute-couture presence, cemented by the presentation of his Fall/Spring 2010 "Edition" collection last weekend under the tents at Bryant Park (by the way rumor has it the time-honored tradition of Fashion Week under the tents has ended!).

Though the arena was packed, there was a bit of a scuffle as guests tried to get to their seats—apparently everyone in attendance deemed themselves too VIP to actually stand in line (gasp!). And there was a bit of a seating mishap with some of the actual VIPs, but with a bit of scrambling and lots of frantic blustering into headsets, everyone was accommodated and the show finally went on, albeit a bit late.

The rocky start was soon forgotten, however, once the models emerged on the runway. The dresses were intricate, mixing softer feminine fabrics with more masculine and edgy asymmetric cuts, and the juxtaposition left many of the attendees in appreciative awe. The collection featured many open backed dresses, leaving the impression that one would be a head turner both coming and going. Nearly every outfit featured lace material, whether it be on the dress itself, as part of long gloves, or even in one case, a full lace (and very sheer!) skirt (I guess it isn’t really runway if there’s not at least one outfit nobody would be caught dead in).

All in all, however, most of the dresses were actually very wearable, in an Arab-wedding kind of way. Much of the collection was in black, though it was sprinkled with some reds, golds, and silvers as well. Chakra has managed to update the ‘little black dress’ look while maintaining a style of elegance and sexiness that one would expect to see on the Fashion Week runway, while still throwing in some more daring looks, such as a few particular dresses reminiscent of a backwards men’s jacket (bizarre, and yet, I have a feeling this one might actually catch on).

Georges Chakra has been gaining prominence on the red carpet; his designs have been worn by the likes of Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry and Emily Blunt (who, by the way, all look way better in the dresses than those skeleton models who eerily all looked identical—seriously ladies, eat a burger!), and yet the show was decidedly void of any noteworthy celebrities. The closest thing was Z-lister Alex McCord from The Real Housewives of New York (the tall blonde chick), who, judging by the swarm of photographers around her, was the only remotely ‘celebrity’ the show was able to attract.

Despite the celebrity no-shows however, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of Mr. Chakra on the red carpet. After all, who better to strike the perfect balance between pretty femininity and edgy masculinity?

~ Nanoush

(All pics taken by Nanoush at the show!)

Thanks Nanoush!! We love you!!!

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