Wednesday, March 10, 2010

#2 Women's Rights Across the Middle East

In keeping with this week's theme of women and their rights and in keeping with Women's Day being just a few day ago, here's another post on women.

Check this video out on women's rights in Tunisia. (Arabic).

As it turns out, ,Tunisia affords it's women the most rights of any Arab country!

Here's a video (again in Arabic) about women in Lebanon and some of their achievements.
This video just sheds light on the issue. I'm saddened that it did not delve into any lack of rights for women and what needed to be done to accord them these rights.

A small interview/report on women's organizations would have been helpful!

Let's hope that the next time Women Day comes around, women in general and Lebanese in particular will have been accorded more of their rights.

PS: I hate to even use the term "accorded". It gives off the impression that "man" is giving "women" what he wants and out of his own generosity or out of his own pocket. While in reality, these are rights that should be fundamental to all humans and women should have them without having to earn them or beg for them.


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