Monday, March 1, 2010

lEbAnEsE GrAfFiTi "the walls of beirut are still virgins"

Everything you EVER wanted to know about Graffiti in Lebanon!

I often see the Graffiti in Beirut and am so glad to see it--that is, when its on old, broken down buildings ridden with bullet holes on industrial walls--in those cases, I see it as art, and am happy for it. When its on a newer building however, or a historic site, I see it as a crime.

I remember seeing the "haifa for president" graffiti in beirut and laughing out loud--it made my day.

So whatever your thoughts on Lebanese graffiti--art or crime--its picked up immensely over the years. Enjoy the blogs, photos, articles and videos below!


Crime or art? The graffiti artists beautifying Beirut / NowLebanon

Bombing Beirut, with spray-paint Art Lounge’s homage to walls that speak / NowLebanon


MBC News Report on Lebanese Graffiti

Nice Film on the Beginning of Graffiti in Beirut

Graffiti Trailer (3rd of a Series)

Part 1 of a Series by Al Jazeera on Graffiti in Lebanon titled "Leaving a Mark on Lebanon"



LebGraffiti (Though sadly last post was in 2007)

PhotoBeirut (Professional photographer who has many photos of Beirut on his homepage, and happens to have this collection of graffiti)

Rock and A Hot Place **AMAZIINNNGGG** high quality photos of graffiti in Beirut

So what's your verdict? Art or crime?


PS: Please bring SPACE INVADERS to Beirut!!!!

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