Thursday, March 4, 2010

BetLZ News 3.4.10

oooooo! Some REALLY REALLY cool/exciting news for today!:

48 hours in Beirut / Business 24-7
Follow Colin Simpson in his 48 hours in Beirut, and pick up some ideas of your own for when you visit!

Women wed to foreigners want rights for their children and husbands
/ LA Times
An excellent cause!! Plus, see the Campaign video below:

High Heels, Hot Clubs, War Ruins Mark Trip to Sea-Washed Beirut / Bloomberg
Bloomberg reporter Michael Luongo heads to Beirut and tells you what we already know: its the coolest city in the world.

Billionaire Wins Retrial in Killing of Lebanese Pop Star Suzanne Tamim / ABC News
Are you kidding me?? Are you kidding me???? Retrial of the case that found the Egyptian billionaire that killed Suzanne Tamim guilty??? Billionaires are not above the law!! The good news is that he stays in jail at least until the end of the retrial

A domestic tragedy
/ The National
Plight of the Ethiopians in Lebanon after the plane crash

The Beirut Shahnameh /

About an 12th-13th century AD manuscript discovered five years ago in Beirut


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