Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Women's Rights Across the Middle East

In our post on March 4th, 2010, we had discussed the campaign to give Lebanese women the right to transfer their Lebanese citizenship to their children when they marry a non-Lebanese.

The issue is an old one in Lebanon, and the reasoning behind denying Lebanese women that right mostly stems from the fact that their is a fear of naturalizing Palestinians married to Lebanese women.

That however, as far as I'm concerned, is a cop-out. I think women should get full rights and equal rights under the law.

Regardless, it looks like the UAE is moving closer to adopting measures guaranteeing more women rights.

Here's the story.

It would be a very great day for women across the Middle East if said proposed changes are put in place. And it would be a sad day for Lebanon, long considered as a beacon of freedom and rights in the Middle East, if and when other neighboring countries give their women more rights than is accorded to Lebanese women.


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