Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arabic Sound Bite n° 3 - A Little Armenian Spice

My newest musical discovery is Guy Manoukian, a Lebanese musician of Armenian descent.

His music has no words (well, let me be more precise, he doesn't do any singing), just a fusion of Arabic, Armenian, Greek beats, both modern and old.

Sarab al Urdun is very nice, as is Norits. If I've succeeded in making you fall in love with him (he's handsome, isn't he) you can watch an interview with him in English here. He's also got a video with Wyclef Jean which you can watch on his website.

And while we're on the Armenian track, why not read this New York Times article about the influence of the Armenian vote in Lebanon. Apparently they hold a swing vote, and apparently, they're siding with Hezbollah. I'm staying neutral on this one guys, but if you're interested in reading the article, go for it.



  1. The Armos are more insidious than you think:) Émile Lahoud's mother was Armenian, as is his wife. Hassan Nasrallah was born in Bourj Hammoud and supposedly speaks Armenian.

    Hariri lost the Armenian vote by playing around.

  2. Also Solange Gemayel (née Tutunji) is Armenian: