Friday, May 29, 2009

Syrian Virus

I recently received this email (you know those Arabs, they just love that forward button) and I thought I would share. Ok, you've probably seen something very similar, but I thought it was a good one.

Been a lot of political buzz around the blog lately. For now, I shall peacefully and patiently observe. :)

Sorry if I offend. I promise I'll put up one making fun of Lebanese soon enough. (Although with our politics, do I really need to?)

But considering we have as many readers in Syria as we do in Monaco, I think I'll be ok.



Dear receiver
You hav just receivd a Syrian virus
Since we are not so technologically advanced in Syria
I am a manual virus you hav to helb me becos i can't do everything by myself
3reft shlon?
'bleas delete all the files on your hard disk by
Yourself and send this mail to everyone you know'
Thank you very much for helbing me khayyo
3ala 3eni walla

Syrian toilet sign. Nothing to do with the joke above, I just found it hilarious.

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