Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beiteddine Summer Festival Announced

The Beiteddine 2009 Festival program has just been announced!

Particular favs:

Jad ElMaleh
Charles Aznavour (I swear, I thought he was dead)
Kazem el Saher
Marcel Khalifé
and Hanine y son Cubano who I saw like 6 years ago in Byblos, most amazing voice and such an interesting mix of Arabic and Cuban music. I absolutely LOVE them.

In fact, go here and listen to one of her songs called "3la Baali" or "On my mind."

Her voice is, as someone on Youtube comments, "like honey", and their music is so unique, two completely different types of music that mesh so perfectly. If you don't own a lot of CDs, I recommend heading to Virgin in Beirut and picking this one up; the other songs on the CD are just as wonderful.

Byblos Festival still hasn't been announced yet...


Oh why not, check out "Alby wa Mouftahu"

God, I really forgot about how much I love them

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