Friday, May 22, 2009

Who murdered Suzanne Tamim?

Apparently, the Egyptian billionaire did it with a knife in the Dubai Luxury apartment. (Anyway ever play Clue?)

Surprisingly, the Egyptian court found billionaire Hisham Talaat Moustafa guilty of paying $2million to Muhsin Sukkari to murder Tamim, and as a result both have been sentenced to death by hanging.

Seems as if both will appeal the decision, so I wonder if they will get off after all.

The case was very high profile because of obviously, the celebrity of the people involved, and it was thought that Moustafa would get off because of the corrupt "justice" system. ($$$) But maybe not? (This judge better watch his back, he may wake up and find a dead horse in his bed....[Godfather, anyone?])

Watch the video, it adds to the whole "soap-opera" aura of this entire story.

Moustafa wanted Tamim dead for dumping him for an Iraqi kick-boxing champion she met in London.

Someone doesn't take rejection well...


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