Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sexual attitudes shifting??? I think not!

I'm sure some of you have already seen the following video (Youtube Link) which has been making rounds around the internet. The movie is talking about shifting sexual attitudes in Lebanon and they show a varying amount of "material" that points in the direction of how the Lebanese are becoming more and more supportive of differing sexual opinions.

I personally do not think we are making HUGE progress on the issue. Just because two lesbians meet at a bar in Gemayze, during ladies night mind you, does not mean the Lebanese are open and comfortable with homosexuality.

By browsing the Wikipedia page on LGBT issues in Lebanon, I was surprised and shocked to find out that lesbians are not penalized the same way as gays, because their offense does not include "penetration" ????!!!! Talk about inequality reversed. Although it is not entirely unheard of in Lebanon to be arrested as a lesbian, but you have to be caught in the act.

I don't see major shifts in sexual attitudes in the story of a man who got beaten the shit out of just for looking or acting different.

If we are so OK with it, then why does the mere mention of any homosexual issue send the government on a frenzy public media campaign denying and denying and denying.

And if we are so OK with it, then shouldn't we recognize the great work of HELEM on our own land rather than let others recognize their great work in a different country, heck even a different continent!

And since the government is so cool with this, then why did they arrest and put on trial a man who refused to give away the names of people involved in maintaining a gay website, and also put on trial another man who publicized the government's decision to prosecute the first man!

Now, I admit and agree that there is some progress and the homosexuals and their supporters are allowed to sometimes vent or protest, not without the watchful eye of the state mind you, (notice the number of police in that video).

Now, I understand that things take time, and progress as well as change are not always easy, but do not try to convince this homo that allowing 50-100 people to gather in Ashrafiyeh is a sign of shifting sexual attitudes.



  1. First thing first, we need to get rid of Article 534. Once that is done and homosexuals are provided equal rights, then we can say that our sexual attitudes are changing.

  2. Well put BG... but this doesnt surprise me. Lebanon is till a country where virginity is praised, where some girls get their lady parts "sewed" to fake virginity and where anal sex is a substitute of vaginal sex for the same reasons. Sexuality as a whole is still a taboo concept. No surprise then that homosexuality is still taboo. I believe though that change happens little by little. Through awareness mainly. There was a nice contemporary dance performance last week at Monot, pointing out the total lack of any difference between hetero and homo. we are all human beings. It was by zei khauli, i wish youd seen it.