Friday, June 19, 2009

Jihadists Don't Blog

BG, we are "bridge bloggers," oh, and apparently jihadists don't blog (i have this great image right now of a jihadist with a giant beard, osama like turban and sandals squinting at c omputer screen trying to pour out his emotions on a blog...haha)

The BBC just published an article about blogging in the Arab World

The studied, organized by the Berkman Center for the Internet and Society at Harvard, looked at 35,000 active Arabic blogs (ie that are written in Arabic)

Their goal "was to produce a baseline assessment of the networked public sphere in the Arab Middle East, and its relationship to a range of emergent issues, including politics, religion, culture and international affairs."

They concluded: (1) the Arabic blogosphere is organized primarily around countries, (2) Egypt formed the largest cluster on the Arabic blogging map. The study also singled out Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & Syria (3) That within a given country, the make-up of the blogging cluster is varied,



The report also identified two large cross-national groups of what the authors call "bridge bloggers." One group is located in the countries of the eastern Mediterranean and frequently blogs in English in addition to, or instead of, Arabic. ...

Report co-author John Palfrey noted that these bridge bloggers were important because they serve as cultural interpreters for many in the West. Bridge blogs, he said, are often where "the water-cooler chatter" of the Arabic-speaking world gets into the wider public domain.


I was a bit surprised that Egypt would be the top considering the arrests of bloggers that have been taking place there, but I guess when you live in a repressive society, blogging (provided it's not blocked by the governement) is the best way to express your anger and connect to the public...

Check it out here



  1. I can imagine what a jihadist saying on his blog...
    Title: I am so angry that I am crying!!!!
    Body: I can't believe this a**hole, I told him I wanted blue bombs, blue!! but he gave me purple, it doesn't suit my complexsion!!! why did he give the blue ones to hassan?? he doesn't care!!!Is it too much to ask that the last thing I wear suits me??
    What do you think guys?

    yep, that's a nagging blogger jihadist...

  2. and maybe with a kalashnikov hung on the back of his computer chair... :P

    Suddenly, the theme song from "Pinky and the Brain" comes to mind:

    P: "Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"
    B: "The same thing we do every night Pinky, try to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"