Thursday, June 11, 2009

Les idiots occupent nos places

This is exactly the type of situation where I am grateful that I know more than one language:

Me sitting correctly in my assigned seat on an intra-american flight minding my own business, while the plane is boarding.
Enter an overdressed American looking blonde with an estimated 1/2 kg of makeup exuding an air of confidence and entitlement, followed by a little girl around the age of 5.
Said woman stops in the middle of the isle by my seat, looks at me and proceeds to talk in my direction.

Woman (with a condescending tone): You are in our seats. (no excuse me or any sort of that kind of pleasantries)

Me: Excuse me?
Woman: These are my seats!

Woman does not wait for an answer or an explanation or a resolution to the problem and proceeds to call the hostess on the flight. The method used to call the hostess is extremely interesting.

Hostess, hostess
Excuse me
Come over!
(woman proceeds to whistle to get the hostess's attention, followed by fingers snapping)

Little blonde girl asks her mother what is going on?

Woman (with the most horrible americanized french accent imaginable): les idiots occupent nos places

To which the little girl replies: what mommy?
Woman (using same accent): assieds toi! (which sounded more like asayeh tuwa)

At this moment, hostess arrives.

Woman: These people are in my seats! (yah, like you own them lady!)
Hostess: Let me see your boarding pass please.

Woman hands over boarding pass.

Hostess: m'am, you're seated over there, these seats are for your other flight!

Woman ignores hostess and proceeds to talk to child: allownzee

Me: bonne journee madame!

Moral of the story: 1/2 a kg of make-up looks horrible when you're embarrassingly blushing!



  1. LOL happy to find out she was actually wrong. If your introduction and the beginning of the 'clash' had been different, I would have been surprised that there were no apologies in the end. But that figures... The mere fact that she blushed wasa pleasant surprise!
    Ppl like that should be shot on sight. haha funny story. Allownzeey

  2. Americanized french accents are cool hehe.

    That's funny. She must've felt like a prick.

  3. hahaha is this a real story? :D Very funnily told.. thanks for the laugh! :)

  4. LC: i was surprised myself that she blushed. against all my expectations!
    PL: you should see americanized spanish accents, even more funny!
    MZ: true story indeed!

  5. Oh, if I was having a bad day, I would have told that girl that her mom is an idiot.