Wednesday, June 17, 2009

UPDATE-Making the Case Against Nabih Berri #2

Berri to become next parliament speaker.

With the recent support of Aoun and his clan, Berri's got the support of most members of parliament.

This is horrible.

I will now proceed to drown my sorrow at the mockery of democracy we have in Lebanon with a newly opened bottle of Grey Goose. Hey, don't be judging, it is after noon anyway!



  1. BG, I have been drowning my sorrow for a week now, and not only because of Berri's certain reelection, but for freeing murderers as well.

  2. yes you are right.
    the release of the killer of samer hanna is a huge mistake.
    this will lead to a precedent in jurisprudence that will undoubtedly be used in the future as the norm. frequently judges and courts base their decisions on the interpretation of the law and on decisions handed down by previous courts.
    this is dangerous
    to allow a member of a militia to kill an officer of the army, even if by mistake, in times of peace and get away with it, is a huge mistake and a big insult to justice.