Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photoshop, Middle Eastern style! 3

Apparently, now the Iranians are doing it too!
At least the bad ones are.

See, I told you all this doctoring things and making them up is a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean genetic thing.

It turns out, that Ahmadinejad et al. have doctored a few pictures to make the pro-establishment rally look a bit bigger than what it was supposed to be.

Here's a link with explanation and all for your enjoyment:


Link lifted from Sand Monkey.



  1. reminds me when pictures of summer 2006 war in leb were photoshopped to make the explosions and attacks look stronger..

    not that they could've been any stronger anyway!!

  2. i remember the uproar over these photos in the american media.
    fox news was having a field day with these images.