Monday, June 1, 2009

Israel's Lebanon problem

With all the recent buzz in Lebanon about the seemingly crumbling Israeli intelligence gathering cells, one has to wonder if this suicide is related?

Also, one has to wonder, how come did Israel screw up so badly? The number one rule of espionage and spy networks and cells is to keep them separated at all cost. Over 20 people in Lebanon have been arrested and most so far have been charged with spying for Israel. Also, most have been from different networks or cells.

Could the Israelis have screwed up so badly?
If so, this has got to be the biggest blunder by any military in the world. Maybe they got really cocky and thought that Lebanon was too weak or dumb to discover any of their tracks.

This has so many similarities to the "Mirage" incident Lebanon had with the Soviet Union (the soviets were trying to steal a mirage airplane from Lebanon to study and had recruited a Lebanese pilot and paid him huge amounts of money to fly the fighter jet out of Lebanon, but ignored the capacity of the Lebanese intelligence services, known as deuxieme bureau [maktab el tani], against the might of the soviet power. They got busted of course, and the case is now taught in most intelligence agencies worldwide as an example to not take anything lightly or up to chance in the business of espionage.)

If all this is true, and I suspect it is (yes, for once I don't think my government is lying to me), then this severely ties Israel's hands with regards to its' next adventure or chapter in Lebanon.

Still intrigued by the suicide though and possible connections?


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  1. the case is now taught in most intelligence agencies worldwide

    Wait, do you have some alternate identity as a spy? :P

    Just playin' - it is indeed interesting to see how it plays it.