Monday, June 1, 2009

Parliament Elections 2009 #5

Where do I even start with this video?
This has got to be some of the best material to come out of Lebanon in this elections season!

Sleiman Frengieh, Maronite candidate in Zgharta, is giving his supporters a piece of his mind. Basically telling them to each go home and that he wants no one creating problems on his own turf.
Classic really. I'm not entirely sure when this was filmed, but I'm guessing sometime after his and 14th March supporters had an altercation. He is clearly furious in the video, he even slaps one of the guys. Hehe, this is after he gave another a good shove. To his defence though, the guy did try to give him what seemed like a hug. No offense intended to anyone, but if you look at the guy in the video, I wouldn't wanna hug him either. If you're looking like a chav and trying to give me a hug after sweltering in 80-90 degree heat pumped up on adrenaline, I'd be running in the other direction.

I'm not gonna translate the video word by word. It speaks for itself really.
But that's mostly the gist of it.
Oh, and the best part is when he tells them there's probably around 30,000 "donkeys" in this village. Hey, at least he knows his constituency well.
Nah, je blague.



  1. You should have heard him yesterday trying to explain the video on Kalam al Nass, even more funny.

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