Friday, March 5, 2010

BetLZ News 3.5.2010

Yehhhh, so its Friday and I am not in a very good mood. Was hoping to get out of the office early today to go see my friends and bf at Uni but boss would not let me leave because there was too much work.

As of now I have not been given ANY work-not one measely assignment.

So not in the best mood at all.

Bass yalla.

This is one thing I thought was pretty cool.


Lebanese National Orchestra Featured on New Gorillaz Album

The Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music, led by Lebanese Conservatory director Walid Gholmieh, will be featured on the latest album by Damon Albarn's virtual band, Gorillaz. The album, 'Plastic Beach,' will be released on March 9, and feature many other special guests, including Lou Reed, Mos Def, Barry Gibb, and Bobby Womack.

Cover of the new Gorrilaz Album 'Plastic Beach'

The playful and quirky percussive driven song 'White Flag' features an interesting violin and flute introduction before dropping into an unexpected, uptempo beat. Featuring hip-hop artists Kano and Bashy, you can listen to 'White Flag' now on, or you can preview the exclusive stream of the entire album on the Guardian website.

Source: ShoutCast

The Lebanese National Orchestra

'White Flag'
If Snoop is the wise old veteran, then this is the track where we meet his unruly kids. Despite featuring two forgotten men of UK hip-hop in Kano and Bashy, ‘White Flag’ is a stand out track on the album. Similar in tone to Gorillaz previous work on ‘19-2000’ the song has a childlike freedom to it and is aided immeasurably by the Eastern flourishes provided by The Lebanese National Orchestra For Oriental Arabic Music. A future single perhaps.

Source: Drowned in Sound

Listen to "White Flag" here:


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