Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Insane leaders "leading"

Check this out, fresh off the press, so to speak.

Turkey threatens to deport Armenians.

So, while completely sovereign and independent countries are deciding on whether to denote or call the killings of Armenians at the end of the Ottoman Empire genocide, Turkey clearly annoyed and dismayed at such attempts is brewing a storm of its own.

So basically this is what Turkey is saying: because we are pissed at you for naming the killings a genocide (mind you, in your own country and by your own people and your own standards), because we are pissed at you for labeling what happened to the Armenians at the hand of the Turks, we are going to basically do the same to current Armenians living in Turkey, just because we are pissed. You know to prove a point type of thing.

So to get back at you for calling it a genocide and mass deportation, we are just gonna go ahead and deport a 100,000 or so Armenians out of Turkey.

Sounds like "leader" material to me.

Erdogan was a blog favorite back when the war with Gaza was going on. He is fast slipping in our ratings.

On the subject of Insane Leaders, our favorite Qaddafi (c'mon, you didn't think I'd post a post about insane leaders and not include good old Qaddafi now did you?) is up to his old tricks again.

Libya is due to host the Arab summit this year and their is nothing anybody can do about this, it's alphabetical order for hosting, oh well. Maybe Israeltine is invited? Did anyone hear anything about that? Qaddafi has sent emissaries to deliver invitations to most heads of state. They range from his sons to ministers or important people high up in the echelon of power in Libya. We all know how important delivery methods are in the Middle East. People usually invite guest in person for weddings and baptism and the sort.

But back to subject, Libya has decided to extend Lebanon's invitation by sending it with the charge d'affair at Libya's Syrian embassy to his Lebanese counterpart in Damascus. An invite that was promptly returned to Libya with a nice and polite letter declining acceptance of the invite because the ambassador in Syria was not authorized to receive such invites and because the proper channels were not used.

Basically, signalling to the Lebanese and the Syrians and the Arab world that Libya still sees Damascus as the source of power in Lebanese politics in general and that they see the Syrians playing an increasing role in deciding what Lebanon's future will be like in particular.

A huge insult to Lebanon and a break with Arab tradition and a breach of diplomatic protocol, but I'm not surprised, it's Qaddafi we're talking about.

Lebanon was probably not going to send any important or high ranking person anyway, given the whole arrest warrant against Qaddafi and the whole Shiite disenfranchisement with Libya over the disappearance of Sadr back in the 70's.

It just remains to be seen what Libya will do to the estimated 10's of thousands of Lebanese currently living in Libya. We all remember Qaddafi's antics with France and Switzerland just recently, all because his son is outta control.

One cannot be sure what the reaction will be, but one can be sure that Qaddafi is going to put on one heck of a show at the summit!


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