Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BetLZNews 3.31.2010

John Kerry arrives in Beirut

Lebanese Journalist May Chidiac Named 54th IPI Press Freedom Hero / FreeMedia

Prison-Made Handbags Prove Popular Beyond Beirut / VOA

Vignettes ramble through a wartime Beirut / Boston Globe


Trailer for the Documentary "Welcome to Beirut" released by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza and includes Nadine Labaki, Colette Naufal, and Hany Tamba among others. this movie really a documentary? That grenade shot seems a little ridiculous for it to be real--also, I don't know about you but I'm quite sick of everyone--especially foreigners--focusing on war in Lebanon..bass I can't truly give my opinion just from this trailer...




    my modest contribution to your links :)

  2. Thanks delirious! What is up with them calling Haifa Wehbe racist and then not even expanding on that claim?? I've heard her been called a lot of things but racist has never been one of them...

    Also something else noteworthy for today:

    Saudi to behead Lebanese convicted of witchcraft: lawyer / AFP


  3. I dont understand how can Nadine Labaki appear in a movie reflecting such an ugly and untrue image of Lebanon!
    w ba3den law De Mendoza bichil beirut chway 3an dahrou!

  4. haha

    agreed..."welcome to beirut," what a terrible name for this movie, beirut is nothing as is shown in the trailer

    seems like de mendoza just wants to win critical acclaim by making a dramatic film...tragedy sells


  5. i think this is the 3rd blog i read about this "welcome to beirut" so called documentary, and so far not a single comment on their official website.

    Also on their website, it says it's "A documentary about CINEMA in lebanon" and the trailer shows no such a thing! i'm confused.

    Anyways, i always enjoy reading your posts LaZaytouni. keep up the great work :)

  6. You're right Simon...

    So this is what the official website has to say about the so called 'documentary':

    "Welcome to Beirut is a short documentary film about the difficulties of living in such an unstable city as Beirut, in Lebanon. The film explores the consequences that this way…


    Comments are closed."

    Well that seems to be 1) completely different from the description of a "documentary about Cinema in Lebanon" and 2) completely different from what is shown in the trailer above..not to mention that "The film explores the consequences that this way…" makes positively no sense!

    Also "comments are closed"???
    Although, on the first page Mendoza proclaims:

    "Please feel free to send in your comments or to ask information regarding the film.
    Thank you,
    Diego Hurtado de Mendoza Director of Welcome to Beirut "

    Hmmm...maybe he's afraid of what the comments would say??

    Must keep checking the sites for updates...

    Thanks for reading Simon! :)