Monday, March 15, 2010

Lebanese Photographers

A while ago we mentioned Brazilian photographer Fernando Borges and showed you our favorite shots of his taken in Lebanon (click here to see that post).

It seems Fernando, as well as Lebanon-based photographers Elias Moubarak and Matias Nordahl Carlsen have won a Photo Forum Beirut competition and will have their work on display tomorrow, Tuesday March 16th at 7pm at Zico House. To read the article, click here.

Fernando's series is on Night Workers--he is part of an ongoing project with other photographers in Beirut that go around Beirut every Tuesday night documenting workers--the group is called "Night Collective;" find out more about them here.

Our favorite Fernando pics:

Elias Moubarak takes amazing photos of Lebanon, he says "I truly believe that pictures should speak for themselves and suggest different interpretations and reactions."

Our favorites of his:

And while we're at it, another Lebanese photographer we love is Ayla Hibri, who has her own blog called Chasing Lola. A common theme of hers seems to be children and she shoots in Lebanon as well as in Chicago where she now lives.

Some of our favorites of hers:



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  1. Love the pics... Great stuff... Good job lebanese!