Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Déjà Vu x 4 !!!!

this is just getting ridiculous!

Early we blogged about Miley Cyrus who wore a Zuhair Murad dress that we discovered was inspired by a Christian Dior gown...

The original 1948 Dior gown

The Zuhair Murad dress worn by Miley Cyrus, inspired by the Dior gown

Then we found that Georges Chakra had copied the style as well and made dresses we saw on Jamie King and Emily Blunt

Jamie King in Georges Chakra

Emily Blunt in Georges Chakra

So just to follow in case you're as confused as I am:

Original dress: Christian Dior -->
Zuhair Murad worn by Miley Cyrus -->
Georges Chakra worn by Jamie King -->
Georges Chakra worn by Emily Blunt

And now we have a NEW addition to the chain!

Oh yes, a company known as edressme that takes celebrity styles and copies them and makes them into prom dresses has now stolen the Zuhair Murad dress--and you can buy it for $470.00; a little much for a fake dress by a company called "edressme", wouldn't you say??

This is one popular dress!

We know this chain will only get longer...



  1. just an fyi . . . edressme is nothing more than a e-retailer. They're not the ones who (as you claim) "that takes celebrity styles and copies them and makes them into prom dresses". The gown is only SOLD on edressme. As for actually created the version in question . . . that would be Terani Couture (had you read the description listed on edressme, you would have known that).

    As for the fact that the original concept has been recycled by various designers . . . it happens all the time. Many well known (higher-end) designers will look back through various fashion archives for "inspiration" - in this case, the inspiration is the scallopped design (however, the Dior House would have a clear argument for copyright infridgement because it's clear that Murad took more than just the scallop design . . . heck he took the whole gown and just brightened the color, changed the bodice and took it from a full gown to a modified A-line design).

    As for the Chakra gowns - those fall under the category of "inspired by" because he's only using the scallop detail.

    With regard to the (latest) Terani gown here's how that works . . . after an awards show (or runway event) . . . fashion brands (such as ABS) will create a more affordable version of the high-end red carpet/runway gown for the average budget conscious fashionista. Personally, I'm not going to complain about that because although I'd love to walk around claiming that I'm wearing a Murad (which will run me the cost of a car), I'm an average individual who doesn't have millions in her mattress so if given the option between a gown for $10,000 or a gown for $500 - for me, that's a no brainer.

  2. why thank you "voice from ny" it is in fact not "edressme" but the infamous house of "Terani Couture" that makes the dress, "edressme" only sells it

    i do agree that "inspired by" in more appropriate for the chakra dresses than "copied"

    while i too sadly cannot afford any of these real designer dresses and am thankful that there is a cheaper option for those who would like to dress in something similar to dresses worn by celebrities or by their favorite designers, i personally would not like the "fake," it might look the same but i'm quite certain the quality is not--same thing goes for a fake louis vuitton bag or a fake iphone--but that's just my personal opinion


  3. a fake LV bag manufactured in China and sold out of a dark basement on Canal Street is a whole other beast than that of a "Terani" for the simple fact Terani is known as one of the top Pageant Gown designers (on average their gowns retail from $900 for their core collection to $5000 for their liquid beading line) and of course there's also their Prom Line which is manufactured and targeted to teenagers which retails from $300 - $500.

    In other words, you can't equate a Terani to a fake LV . . . the more appropriate analogy would be the fake Teranis that are copied in China and sold online for around $200 a piece. Now, when it comes to one of THOSE, I'd be seriously concerned with the quality of the gown.

    As for my personal opinion of the gowns . . . I don't like either version from Murad, Chakra or Terani . . . just not my style, but that's just my opinion.

  4. a fake LV bag manufactured in China and sold out of a dark basement on Canal Street is a whole other beast than that of a "Terani"

    just fyi, might want to check that terani dress tag--they're also made in china. Zuhair Murad and Georges Chakra are not.


  5. you're obviously misunderstanding me . . . in my quote above which you listed, I was discussing black market (conterfeit) merchandise vs. a reputable brand.

    See the difference between where the authentic Terani is coming from vs. where a fake Terani is coming from (although not sure if they're manufactured in China or not, I'm fairly certain they're made in the States, but I could be wrong so I'll have to check my sister's closet and get back to you on that) if the Terani brand is manufacturing in China, it's because labor is cheaper, but they're not using a sweat shop like those who manufacter the fake Teranis and fake LV's. That, plus the fact that whoever is manufacturing Terani's merchandise is legally authorized to whereas the fakes in China are not and thereby not held to any standards.

    On a semi-related note . . . if a Brand decides to manufacter in China, that's their business . . . as long as they're abiding by labor laws and what-not, it really shouldn't matter (unless you're boycotting Chinese made products). Prime example, there are SEVERAL brands out there who manufacter in Asia . . . John Hardy, Judith Leiber to name a few. Also, most people think that when purchasing a Time Piece, that "Swiss Made" is the way to go because it's been manufactured in Switzerland, but what they don't know is that in order for ANY watch to be branded as "Swiss Made" only 60% of the watch must be made in Switzerland - who knows where the rest of that $25,000 watch was made . . . India? China? Timbuktu? Your guess is as good as mine.

  6. Do you know the name of the Chinese factory Terani uses to manufacture their dresses?