Monday, April 26, 2010

BetLZ News 4.26.10

Woww....there's a lot of news today, so we're doing categories for your browsing convenience!


Young Lebanese demonstrate for secularism in Beirut / BBC News

Source: Lebanese Voices

Victims of harassment speak out in Lebanon / LaredoSun

Over 60.000 Armenians participated in Beirut procession /


بيروت عاصمة للموضة / Beirut Fashion Capital

Fabric Covered VW Bug / GreenMuze

A classic Volkswagen Beetle covered in reclaimed vintage fabrics was quite the hit at the recent Milan Design Week 2010. Created by Lebanese based designer duo Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri, the festive Bojka Bug is covered in an array of colourful upcycled fabrics and tapestries.

The Bojka Bug was auctioned off on eBay for €1,004 (US$1,334) with proceeds benefiting children in Haiti via the Fondazione Francesca Rava.

War is hell (on art, too): Lebanese art of 'Convergence' at American University / Washington Post

Running Horse Gallery, Beirut: Counting Thoughts / Corrine Martin


UAE donates 10 aircraft to Lebanon army / SifyNews

Le Royal hosts prestigious event for 'The Leading Hotels of the World'/ AMEInfo


Why should Lebanon be your next Summer Destination / PR Leap


Evil eye lives on in Lebanese tradition / The China Post

The virginity industry / BBC News

Billy Bragg and BNP clash over St George's Day / The Guardian (Billy Bragg lets BNP know that St. George is Lebanese)

Beirut Genius Map / AppShopper


Lebanon is Gorgeous / Mark and Egypt

Join the 24/7 campaign (named accordingly because migrant workers work 24/7 = slavery) to fight for rights for Migrant Workers in Lebanon! Sign the petition!



  1. Queers for Secularism..hahah..great shot! and I think the Buggie could have been auctioned off for more than $1334! What is that??!?