Monday, April 5, 2010

BetLZNews 4.5.2010

Federal Judge Awards Beirut Bombing Victims $1.3 Billion / ABC News

Byblos Bank launches the IPT-Byblos Bank MasterCard / AME Info

Driving around on the Lebanese roads with all those trucks with oversize loads of rocks and such that are completely uncovered--I always try not to drive behind them in fear that something will fall off, and sadly, it has:

Large Rock Smashes Passenger Van in Tyre, One Dead / Naharnet

Also, I've been stumbling across these more and more--blog posts of foreigners that have visited Lebanon--I know how we Lebanese LOVE to hear foreigners complementing our country :) so here you go:

Beirut Memorialized ~ An American in Araby

Breakfast in Beirut ~ VirtuPhill


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