Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lebanese held in Syria

Lebanese Military Judge Saqr Saqr gave his orders on Tuesday to authorities to hand over the remains of two Syrian soldiers found in the Beqaa valley in Lebanon sometime last week.

My question to you is: what is Lebanon getting in return? What about all the bodies of Lebanese citizens (soldiers and civilians alike) that are in Syria? What about all the living Lebanese that are rotting in some basement in some Syrian jail? Do we hear anything about these people? Does the Syrian government ever hand any of them over? Do we even hear our own Lebanese government ever complaining or demanding their release?

Judge Saqr should have issued an order to hold the remains with Lebanese authorities to use as leverage in negotiations to get Lebanese held in Syria.

Or are Lebanese only Lebanese and worthy when they are held in Israeli prisons and morgues?

The ones we got held in Syria are just on vacation, you know, taking a stroll around Damascus.

Shame on Lebanon and its government for neglecting its people in this manner.

We go to war with the Israelis to return Lebanese held in Israel, while we bend backwards for the Syrians with nothing in return.



For more information on Lebanese detained in Syria, please visit the following website: S.O.L.I.D.E. They have done an excellent job in keeping the story alive.


  1. Your argument is so cliche and have been heard a many times. What solutions do you have to offer instead?

    LOL the government is busy doing other stuff (in the government's opinion, more worthy stuff) to care about this age old whining!

    Sorry for the attitude. I had to say it as it is.

  2. One man's food is another man's poison.

    You might see this as a cliche and an old argument and age old whining, but I see it as a just cause that has gone ignored for too long.

    I offered an equal treatment solution. Lebanon should have received the bodies/remains of Lebanese in Syria or live prisoners in Syria in exchange for the two remains.


  3. LOL.

    I think there's more luck for gay rights in Lebanon than that!

    Goodluck :)

  4. Oh and as for your solution, it doesn't work.

    First, because Syria has claimed and will continue to claim it holds no Lebanese bodies/prisoners.

    Second, you think Syria gives two hoots about the corpses of two useless soldiers (according to Syria)?

    Another solution please.