Monday, April 19, 2010

BetLZNews 4.19.2010

People are LOVING them some Lebanon right now...the good articles/reviews/blog posts keep coming in day by day, check out some of the most recent ones below along with some other newsworthy articles:

Stranded in Beirut, the Arab literary world takes wing / The Guardian (Thanks to the Icelandic Volcano, 39 of the best minds in Arab Literature ended up spending some more time in Beirut! A REALLY INTERESTING read!!!)

Four Seasons Spa-Beirut

AUB Mechanical Engineering Department issues statement warning about ineffectiveness of smoking and non-smoking areas / AlBawaba

Beirut is #19 on the TOP 29 Cities to live in List by of the judging categories?? Cost of an Ipod Nano, Vacation Days, Ration of Men to women, Cost of a Nissan 370Z, and Clean Air factor...

Beirut - like Nice but safer

Middle-eastern promise: Beirut / London Evening Standard

Insider's guide to Beirut / Guardian

Lebanese Prefer “Green With Envy” Maseratis Over Eco-Friendly Hybrids Cars / GreenProphet

Check out this AWESOME post with AMAZINGGG aerial photos of Lebanon by Clement Tannouri

Also--did anyone know that there was a winery in Batroun called Boteaux de Botrys?? Check out their very nice site here. Has anyone tried it? Is it any good?


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