Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A good cause...

Good morning! (or if you're in Lebanon it's the afternoon...)

Received this email from BG this morning and thought it would be a good idea to share with the masses and hopefully garner some publicity for these highly admirable organizations:


Dear friend,

You are invited to visit www.yasa.org about road safety, www.lassanet.org about school safety (Lebanese Association for School Safety Awareness), www.lfpc.org about fire safety (Lebanese Fire Prevention Committee), www.srfo.org about food safety (Scientific Research Foundation) and www.lasip.net about sport safety(Lebanese Association for Sports Injury Prevention).

All sites are in English and Arabic. YASA and LASSA have French also.

We are waiting [for] strong cooperation for safety promotion and injury prevention in the Middle East region.

Thanks in advance


P.O.Box 45-083



Tel: +961 - 5 - 452587

Fax: +961 - 5 - 952587


Email: yasa@yasa.org



Though YASA is the best known, all these other organizations fall under the "YASA Group".

To join the facebook groups and show your support, click here:

- Lebanese Fire Prevention Committee
- Lebanese Association for Sports Injury Prevention
- Food and Agriculture Safety-SRF

And while we're at it, why don't we throw in some of our personal favorite Lebanese Causes on facebook that are not YASA-affiliated!

- All for civil marriage in Lebanon
- All for public transport in Lebanon
- Ban indoor smoking in public places in Lebanon
- Against Removing Beirut Gardens (I actually have no idea what the status is with this project--does anyone know?)

and OF COURSE--by FARRRR the most important:

I love Mika !




  1. I really like this campaign. It's quite effective

  2. Don't you? The ads are quite creative...I just don't know how effective they are or if they have actually made people think twice about their actions....

    Maybe the best thing would be to look at the stats on traffic accidents by year and compare them over years before and after the campaign was initiated..but even then I can see variables such as speed regulations and newer cars with better safety as affecting those figures...