Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Daily Star Stops Shining

Sad news, the Daily Star, Lebanon's only English language newspaper, has just shutdown due to bankruptcy.

Read about it here:

According to wiki:
Since 2009, January 14th the website hasn't been updated, also printed issues have not been seen. There is a rumor that the publication has been suspended.

I've always hated their site ( , so unorganized and filled with adverts, but still, very sad to see it go. However, something is bound to spring up in it's place, or someone will buy it and start it up again--or maybe print media is just on its way out? Even the NYTimes is having trouble. Originally Lebanese, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helou lost $50million in NYT stock, but apparently is planning on buying more ($250 million worth) to save the company from bankruptcy.

Maybe someone should tell him to buy the Daily Star? Should be significantly cheaper...


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  1. Good luck with the blog.
    THE DS had become a rag and most its comments were slanted Mt. Iztaz's way...May be Berri should buy it out outright with some of his stashed loot...