Friday, January 30, 2009

Get some bobcorrn out....

No plans this friday/saturday night? (don't lie, it's ok)

Things going slow at work?

Care to watch some movies/documentaries?

Well, I've got 4 for you, and best part? They're completely free! Yeh! (Come on ppl, we're in a recession--who can pay $12 to go to the movies anymore??)

First is the very popular 'Waltz with Bashir.' I know other bloggers have been posting ways to get it through torrent, but I'd like to not download a virus and crash my 625th computer thank you very much (also, i probably just wouldn't know how to work it) so here's a site where you just click a link and 'voila!', you watch!

I haven't actually seen the movie yet so can offer no opinion on it, i can say however that i wish the Israeli director would have made some comment on the genocide going on in Gaza when he accepted his speech, instead of making EXACT SAME SPEECH (did he think no one would notice?) at the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice awards (To see it at the Golden Globes - fast forward to 4:13 - ) about the babies born on set instead of the ones dying in Gaza as he accepted his award--I guess that would be too much to ask, but it would have been a very nice, humane touch.

Anyway, enough chatter, to watch 'Waltz with Bashir':


Now, moving on to #2. The following was recommended to me by a very close friend studying journalism. It's by American journalist (as per my father, "one of the last great journalists" and "in a league of his own") Bill Moyers, titled "Buying the War". Its about how the international media completely screwed up in doing its due diligence on Iraq and WMDs, and how that was allowed to happen. The main question asked is: "How did the evidence disputing the existence of WMDs and the link between Saddam Hussein to 9-11 continue to go largely unreported?" Though I personally think that question could be better worded (ironically, at 1st glance it makes it seem as if Moyers is implying a link btwn Hussein and 9-11) my friend RAVED about this documentary, so watch it for free here:
(If for some reason that's not working for you, type in "Bill Moyers" and "Buying the War" into

You know what, that's quite a lot to take in, and since I don't want to overwhelm you with info (and actually think you should take the time to watch these) i'll save the 2 other movies for another posting in a few days.

Enjoy, and please let me know your thoughts once you do watch them!


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