Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lebanese American Appointed Envoy to MidEast by Obama

The 75-year old George J. Mitchell has been appointed Middle East Envoy by Obama.

Apparently, he's known for being fair and neutral.

An American with Lebanese roots? Not bad Obama.

According to the NYTimes:

"Other Middle East specialists said Sunday that if Mr. Mitchell was named to the job, he would be seen by both sides as a tougher but more balanced negotiator than recent envoys, which could make some Israelis nervous. Mr. Mitchell has Lebanese as well as Irish roots: his father, Joseph Kilroy, was an orphan adopted by a Lebanese family whose Arabic name had been anglicized to Mitchell, and Mr. Mitchell was raised a Maronite Catholic by his Lebanese mother."

Wonder what the original Arabic last name was?

Also, hilarious that a "more BALANCED negotiator" would makes the Israelis nervous...think about that for a second

To read the full article from Jan. 18:


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