Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Introducing....Cedar Island!!

Oh yes, Lebanon is about to get just a little big larger! No Israel is not giving us back the Shabaa Farms, no, no, even better--get this, we're going to BUILD MORE LAND! IN THE SHAPE OF A CEDAR!!! Genius, no??? When every known Lebanese male is an engineer, you think we would have thought of this earlier!

Don't believe me, check out the official site for the project right here:
Also, read this very funny and very true blog comparing Lebanon to Dubai (that built the Palm Jebel Ali resort) in the wake of the Cedar Project:

And finally, look at this blog to see a funny take on which "Cedar" (Ouwet, Kateib, national flag, AUB...) the proposed Island actually resembles...

May I propose Islands in the shape of a Phonecian man next?

This is my architectural rendering, if anyone would like to finance this project, please email:

(That orange thing is a fish, just fyi)



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  2. Thanks very much! Happy you enjoy it :)

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